PM says he is proud of efforts for clean & green Pakistan


Leader Imran Khan has said that he is glad for endeavors for a perfect and green Pakistan to battle contamination and environmental change.

In a Tweet, he additionally shared a video cut featuring Pakistan’s wonders in intersection a critical achievement by accomplishing an overall Sustainable Development Goal-13 ‘Atmosphere Action’ much before the cutoff time of 2030.

The United Nations report on yearly Sustainable Development was propelled as of late.

The Prime Minister additionally labeled 1.03 minutes news report featuring how the nation is effectively retaliating the climatic changes.

The report has acknowledged Pakistan for esteeming the eventual fate of the entire planet and putting forth enormous attempts to make sure about the atmosphere.

It merits referencing that Pakistan Tehrik-I-Insaf government propelled number of uber ventures including 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Program, Clean Green Pakistan Initiative, Clean Green Pakistan Index and Protected Areas Initiative to avert severe impacts of environmental change experienced by the nation in the types of super floods, flighty climate design, ascend in temperature, dry seasons and softening icy masses.

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