PM reiterates commitment for Lifting people out of poverty

Gov’t gives preferential treatment to SMEs for uplifting economy: PM


Islamabad- Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government is giving special emphasis to promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to take forward the economy.

He made the remarks whilst chairing a meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday which reviewed Gujranwala Development Plan and Rawalpindi Regeneration and Nullah Lai Expressway projects being implemented under regional development strategy in Punjab. The Prime Minister assured that the federal government will extend every possible cooperation for the implementation of regional development strategy.

Under the proposed plan, special focus will be given to the agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors in order to fully exploit the potential of Gujranwala Division. The areas to be given special importance include knowledge and technology transfer, Specialized Value Chain, infrastructure, development of human resource, Cluster Support System, inexpensive energy, communications, urban management, better coordination between rural and urban markets, rural development and management, environment etc.


On the occasion, the Prime Minister was also briefed about Nullah Lai Expressway project and the best possible use of land around it.


In hi remarks, Prime Minister Imran Khan said this project will play an important role in transformation of Rawalpindi city. He said it will address problems of the city as well as create an economic activity. He called for timely completion of the project.

The prime minister appreciated the Strategy and said there was immense potential in Gujranwala. He said the government was fully focusing the promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises to make them contribute to the national development.

Advisor to CM Salman Shah briefed the prime minister on development initiatives in various divisions under the said Strategy aimed at exploiting the potential of the respective areas.

The meeting was told that Gujranwala Division was contributing up to 13 percent in GDP, 20% in exports and around 40% in remittances.

Under the Strategy, special focus would be made on uplifting the agriculture, manufacturing and services sector.

The prime minister was also apprised of the strategy adopted for uplifting all the respective sectors.


It was told that under the strategy, 10 sectors would be targeted including knowledge and economy transfer, specialized value chain infrastructure, manpower development, cluster support scheme, low-cost energy, communications, urban management, rural-urban market connectivity, rural development and management, and environment.

Later, during the briefing on Leh Expressway Project, the prime minister was briefed on the effective utility of land on both sides of the Nullah Leh and economic benefits of the project.


The prime minister was updated about the progress on zoning and regulations, planned interchanges and specialized zones on ramp intersection. He was told that the first phase of zoning would start by mid-June this year.


Imran Khan said Rawalpindi Urban Regeneration and Leh Expressway projects would not only lead to transformation of the city but also beget economic opportunities besides resolving the issues faced by the residents.

He directed the authorities concerned to follow the project’s timeline to ensure its timely execution.

Prime Minister Imran khan said his government’s “main concern is to lift our people out of poverty”.

His remarks came as he held a meeting in Islamabad with members of the United Nations Development Programme, following a report released by the global body on human development in Pakistan.

“All this data you have gathered will really help us in fine tuning our policies,” the prime minister told the UNDP.

Once we have this data, we will be able to directly subsidise the population which is in actual need of financial assistance, such as the small farmer and the urban consumer facing inflation, the premier said.


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