PM Khan’s UNGA speech


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s trip to New York has culminated on a high note after a hard-hitting, strong-worded, calculated, comprehensive, passionate and to the point speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech has set the tone for what must now follow as a substantive action-oriented policy on Kashmir. It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that International community has taken notice of human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir instantly. Imran Khan has spoken so openly and candidly talked about the issue of Ummah.

In the presence of world leaders, Imran Khan delivered a speech focused on four key areas: climate change, financial corruption, the perils of Islamophobia and lastly — and most importantly, since it was the main purpose of his visit — Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkey President Tayyip Erdoğan have shown strong commitment to defend Islam and counter Islam phobia at every international fora.

Comparing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s association with the Hindu nationalist RSS to Hitler and the Nazis, he asked how the world would respond if it were Jews and not Muslims under curfew — a scenario that might resonate more with an international community that for decades has rightly viewed the Holocaust as amongst the worst atrocities in history. In delivering an unequivocal, thunderous message to the world on Kashmir, Imran Khan did the right thing for millions of Kashmiris living under siege.

He apprised that the international community should realize that Kashmir is a flash point between two nuclear states and any misadventure can result into massive catastrophe.

Earlier, Kashmir dispute was not given any attention by the UN and the world powers; however, it was a great diplomatic victory for Pakistan that in the UNGA, important states like China, Turkey and Malaysia, have openly asked for a resolution of the Kashmir dispute on the basis of the Security Council resolutions.

Significantly, the US has urged India to quickly ease restrictions in Occupied Kashmir. The US State Department’s top official for South Asia, Alice Wells, following Prime Minister Khan’s meeting with President Donald Trump, told reporters in New York that “we hope to see rapid action – the lifting of restrictions and the release of those who have been detained”.

World should take appropriate measures to bring India on negotiation table. Pakistan is confronting with a fascist, dangerous and decisive adversary. It was the main agenda of BJP’s election manifesto to annex Kashmir by stripping its special constitutional status. Despite all the challenges it is appreciable that Prime Minister Imran Khan is effectively highlighting Kashmir issue at every international for a, who has truly emerged as an advocate of Kashmir cause at international front.

It is high time for international community to pressurize India to stop grave human rights violations in India occupied Kashmir. It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that International media has taken notice of human rights situation in IOK. The western public can play a prominent role in order to pressurize their governments to come forward and support the people of Kashmir.

The international community should realize that neglecting Kashmir issue is posing serious threat to global peace. There is complete clampdown in the held valley. Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and Pakistan will never compromise on Kashmir cause.  It is a positive development that world’s stance regarding Kashmir is changing now. The people of Kashmir are eyeing upon Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan will never disappoint them. India’s aggressive attitude towards Kashmir is posing serious threat to regional peace.

Capping the speech very aptly, the PM said, “This is a test of the UN. You are the one who guaranteed the Kashmiris the right [to self-determination]. This is the time not to appease but to take action … Is the world going to appease a 1.3 billion plus market or stand for justice and humanity.”

The Prime Minister is quite plainly and unambiguously informed the world pertaining to the fast deteriorating situation in the occupied valley that could lead to the worst human catastrophe; hence the world powers and the UN should take steps to resolve the issue amicably.


Writer is the CEO of Mélange IT Solutions & The Asian Telegraph,  an expert on Political Economy, & Director of Bandial Group

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