PM inaugurates 1100 MW Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit-2


Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 (K-2) on Friday.

He unveiled the plaque in Islamabad at a virtual ceremony simultaneously held in Karachi and Beijing as well.

The 1,100 MW K-2 Nuclear Power Plant is a state-of-the-art Generation III nuclear power plant equipped with state-of-the-art safety and security arrangements.

Addressing the ceremony, the Prime Minister said he is happy to inaugurate K-2 Nuclear Power Plant, established with the Chinese cooperation, on the special occasion of 70th anniversary of Pakistan-China diplomatic ties.

He said the plan will provide 1100 megawatts of clean energy to Pakistan, which is of vital importance for Pakistan that has been facing adverse impacts global warming.


The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the project will greatly benefit Pakistan in respect of technology transfer and training of the youth in addition to supply of clean energy.


He said Pakistan and China have a unique relationship, which is getting fortified with every passing day. He said the people of Pakistan have emotional attachment with China believing that it always helps us in the hour of need. He emphasized on further enhancement of people to people contacts.


Imran Khan said Pakistan is desirous of learning from China in various sectors, including managing the fast-expanding urban centers, poverty alleviation and controlling corruption.


He said the scope of CPEC is being expanded from the connectivity and power sector projects to the establishment of economic zones and agricultural technology.


Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority said it is a great occasion that we are inaugurating the K-2 power plant on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.


He said China and Pakistan have been extending support to each other and cooperating in various fields. He said the two countries have also been cooperating in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. He hoped the bilateral cooperation will further expand in days to come. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said for Asia to gain recovery from post-pandemic health and economic crises, collective action of countries was necessary including expanding vaccine supply and keep economies open.


“To ensure rapid recovery, we in Asia, and elsewhere, must keep economies open, revive disrupted supply chains, and resist protectionist temptations,” the prime minister said in his virtual address at Nikkei’s 26th Conference on ‘Future of Asia – Shaping the Post-Covid Era: Asia’s Role in Global Recovery’.


The prime minister said unless fully contained, the pandemic could create social chaos and threaten peace and security in Asia and elsewhere in the world.


“No one will be safe unfortunately until everyone is safe…The vaccine’s supply and distribution must be immediately expanded, patent rights waived, production ramped up, including in the developing world and the COVAX facility fully extended and funded,” he said.


Imran Khan mentioned that coronavirus had created the worst global health, economic and social crisis in the past 100 years and said it was essential to provide low-income countries a fiscal space and liquidity to respond to the impact of the pandemic, revive economic growth and preserve social stability.


He recalled his earlier proposal of a five-point agenda for debt relief, SDR creation and re-allocation, larger concessional finance, fulfillment of climate finance commitments, and an end to illicit financial flows from developing countries.


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