PM envisions Provision of quality health facilities to common people

Gov’t to take inclusive measures to promote film and drama: PM


Prime Minister Imran Khan says provision of quality health facilities to common people is top priority of the government.

Speaking at a meeting in Islamabad to review progress on provision of health cards in Punjab, Imran Khan said provision of health protection to the poor was not given due attention in the past.

Appreciating the progress made so far in providing health cards to the population of Punjab, he said health cards will enable the poor segment of society to get quality medical across Pakistan.

The meeting was briefed on progress made so far in providing health cards to 100 percent population of Punjab by the end of this year.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government will provide all possible assistance to promote film and drama industry in the country.

He was addressing the launching ceremony of documentary drama titled “Pani Ke Punkh” in Islamabad on Thursday afternoon.

Imran Khan stressed the need to focus on producing original content instead of copying others. He said Pakistani nation has huge potential and we will have to repose confidence in ourselves to tap this hidden talent.  He recalled that Pakistan was leading in the drama industry and we will have to strive hard for reviving this past glory.

Talking about availability of water and opportunities for hydropower, Imran Khan said, unfortunately, past regimes did not focus on long term planning and went for short-term planning to get immediate results to win elections.

He said they signed the most expensive power generation agreements in the Subcontinent and ignored building dams to generate cheaper and clean-green energy. He said under these agreements, the government is compelled to spend billions of rupees as capacity payments to Independent Power Producers even if we do not have the need to buy electricity from them. He said these capacity payments will likely to reach 1,500 billion rupees in 2023.

Imran Khan said that it is the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government, which decided to build two dams in Pakistan after a gap of five decades. He said Mohmand Dam is likely to be completed soon. He said the government is focusing on hydropower to generate cheap electricity and to overcome climate change hazards as well.

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