PM directs to take inclusive measures to bring improvement in energy sector

PM directs to take inclusive measures to bring improvement in energy sector


Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed to take all necessary steps to bring further improvement in the energy sector. Chairing a meeting which reviewed reforms in the energy sector, he said all the stakeholders must fulfil their responsibilities in this regard within the stipulated period. The Prime Minister said a mechanism be evolved so that the subsidy on electricity is only available to the poor and deserving people. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a meeting in Islamabad today regarding setting up of a coastal oil refinery by Pak-Arab Refinery Company Limited (PARCO). The meeting was informed that work on the setting up of the refinery will be started in a year time. Imran Khan in his remarks termed the addition of PARCO refinery as a welcome step. He said the completion of this project will not only enhance our capacity in this sector but also help achieve the capability to domestically produce petroleum related products.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government will devise a strategy to check drug abuse among youth and save the future generations from this menace. Addressing an event at Anti-Narcotics Force Headquarters in Rawalpindi today (Monday), he termed corruption and narcotics as a “cancer of society”. The Prime Minister said relevant ministries would be taken on-board to chalk-out the policy in view of growing trend of drug abuse at educational institutes.

He said he would call a meeting next week to discuss ways to address the challenge of narcotics on urgent basis. Imran Khan said the government will run an anti-drug campaign across the country and the entire nation will fight this menace as a united force. Expressing concern over high number of cases of drug addicts in schools and universities, he stressed the need for raising awareness among masses, particularly youth, about negative impacts of drugs. The Prime Minister assured to enhance flow of required resources to counter the menace of drug abuse in the country.  “Whenever a person becomes a drug addict, their entire family suffers. If there are 70 million drug addicts in the country, it means that 70 million families are struggling,” he said. Showing his concern, he said that people do not realize the gravity of the situation, but drug addiction is spreading like cancer in society, adding that the problem has now penetrated schools and colleges. This synthetic drug called ice (crystal methamphetamine) has penetrated schools and colleges. Drugs destroy children’s character and discipline. Their health, as well as their futures, are compromised. Drugs are silent killers. We have to collectively fight this problem,” he stressed. He said that whenever society embraces things which are forbidden in Islam, it is bound to be destructive. “Whatever has been instructed in the Qu’ran is only for the benefit of humankind,” he said. “Back in the 1980s, many people earned money by selling drugs but society accepted them. This was the biggest setback for our country.” Citing statistics, PM Imran Khan said that more than 70 million young people in Pakistan have fallen prey to drug addiction, which is a dangerously high number.


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