PM direct CMs of Punjab, KP to set up temporary shelters

PM terms Pakistan as land of unimaginable beauty


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Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday asked the chief ministers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab to set up temporary shelters and food “for those who cannot be accommodated in existing Panagah”. The prime minister took to Twitter to state that he had directed the chief ministers of the two provinces to ensure “no person is left out without shelter; and their administrations must take immediate action” to provide temporary shelters and food for the homeless who could not be accommodated in the existing Panagahs.
Prime Minister Imran inaugurated the first shelter for the homeless in Lahore last year. The government set up similar Panagahs to provide food and a roof for the poor. In another tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan was a land of unimaginable beauty, hidden natural wonders and untapped tourism potential.
The prime minister said this in a comment on his Twitter handle while retweeting an article titled “9 of Pakistan’s most breathtaking natural wonders” published by Wanderlust, a British Travel magazine.
According to its website, Wanderlust is the UK’s leading independent travel magazine, delivering inspiration and advice to the travellers seeking unique and enriching travel experiences which covers destinations near and far and combines in-depth practical information with breathtaking photography and award-winning editorial.
Highlighting the tourism potential of the country, the magazine says, “from magical Himalayan valleys to lunar landscapes of bubbling mud volcanoes, Wanderlust’s 2020 Hot List destination Pakistan offers a diversity of extraordinary natural beauty without the crowds…”
Among the natural wonders of Pakistan, the magazine enlisted Baltoro Glacier, Neelum Vallley, Hingol National Park, Trango Towers, Deosai Plains, Thar Desert, Saiful Muluk, Hunza Valley and Attabad Lake.
The article is followed by links to another three articles including “13 of the best things you must do in Pakistan,” “Pakistan’s 7 most beautiful mosques” and “4 experiences that will make you fall in love with Pakistan” published by the same magazine in the recent past depicting Pakistan’s culture, traditions and heritage.

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