‘Plant for Pakistan’ Drive


Pakistan has launched a nationwide Spring Tree Plantation campaign. The tree plantation event coincided with World Scouts Day as the government decided to register the young force with the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami project to carry out plantation at a wider scale. Under unprecedented climate change vulnerabilities, Pakistan currently confronting the challenge of deforestation where about 27,000 hectares of forests are being vanished per year due to excessive demands for wood, socioeconomic imbalances, and weather’s vulnerability in the country. The country has less forest cover, only 5%, due to arid and semi-arid climatic conditions in most parts of the country. But despite poor forest cover, Pakistan is highly rich in both ecosystem and species biodiversity where such ecosystems are still intact. In recognition of the significance of Pakistan’s forest ecosystems, and realizing the need for practicing sustainable forest management, the Sustainable Forests Management (SFM) project was launched as a joint venture financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through UNDP, and implemented by the Ministry of Climate Change through providing  The SFM Project contributes to the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Initiative “Green and Clean Pakistan” by improving forest cover, protecting wildlife and their habitats, improving livelihoods in local communities, and improving forest planning and monitoring through a comprehensive capacity building program. What started in 2014 as the ‘Billion Tree Tsunami campaign’ – with the goal to restore previously deforested landscapes by planting 1 billion saplings – has been achieved and has now blossomed under Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan that aim to replicate that success nationwide, this time with a ‘10 Billion Tree Tsunami.

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