Petroleum Service proposes Rs7/litre climb in petrol costs


ISLAMABAD: Petrol costs within the country are anticipated to extend once more following month after the Petroleum Service suggested another increment in costs by up to Rs9.5/litre for August. In a outline sent to the Back Service, the Petroleum Service has proposed an increment of Rs7/litre in petrol cost, Rs9.5 in diesel cost, Rs6.21 in light diesel oil (LDO) costs and Rs6 increment in lamp fuel price. If the government acknowledges this recommended increment in cost, the cost of petrol will go up from the current Rs100.1 to Rs107.1/litre, cost of diesel will increment from Rs101.46 to Rs110.96/litre, LDO cost will go up from the current Rs55.98 to Rs62.19/litre and lamp fuel oil cost will increment to Rs62.06 from its current Rs59.06/litre price. Last month, the government had jacked up petroleum products’ costs by 66% with petrol costs expanding by Rs25.58/litre, diesel Rs21.31/litre and lamp fuel by Rs23.50/litre and LDO by Rs17.84/litre.

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