Peaceful transition of power in Afghanistan


Eventfully Taliban entered Kabul the capital of Afghanistan as per the interior ministry of the country. On the other hand United States evacuated diplomats from its embassy by helicopter. The Taliban and Afghan government officials are in consultation for a nonviolent transition of power after this particular happening. Taliban stated that they have inculcated their disciples to abstain from violence and offer protected course to anybody desire to depart from Kabul. A spokesman of Taliban said in a tweet, “Until the conclusion of the transition process, the responsibility for the security of Kabul is with the other side (the Afghan government),” The Afghan government soon after signalled there were negotiations under way to shun bloodshed in Kabul and to shift power. Biden said it is the responsibility and will of the Afghan military to grasp its own territory. “A continuous American existence in the middle of another country’s civil clash was not suitable to me,” Biden further stated.  Qatar, which has been hosting peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, stated it had recommended the both sides to maintain cease fire. The pace of the Taliban’s advancement and the lack of resistance faced so far have come as an astonishment to all sides including the Taliban leaders themselves. But this should also be kept in mind that during contemporary history, no solitary political, religious or ethnic group, in spite of of its volume, has been able to take pleasure in full domination and authority across a portion of land without accomplishment of a political agreement with all other groups.

The Taliban has made exhilarating advancements accurately they comprehended that they cannot grasp and uphold control based on a limited narrative of Pashtun nationalism. Somewhat, local coalitions are being made in the north with local Uzbek, Tajik, and other communities. Military power was never a solution in Afghanistan and cannot bring peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. There is need of peaceful solution trough negotiations between all the stake holders.

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