Peace spoilers are no longer in a position to damage the Afghan peace process: Experts

Political, military leadership of Pakistan supported Afghan peace process in an unprecedented way


Islamabad- Lt. Gen. Retd ,  Asif Yasin Malik stated that It is a positive development that regional and global powers are taking keen interest in Afghan peace process. There is a paradigm shift in the political scenario of Afghanistan. The Kabul government has shown positive signs in making collective efforts to sustain durable peace in Afghanistan. It is appreciable that Afghan administration is taking corrective measures for the success of peace process. The political and military leadership of Pakistan has supported Afghan peace process in an unprecedented way. Peace spoilers are no longer in a position to damage the Afghan peace process. It is appreciable that the Kabul government acknowledges Pakistan’s role in Afghan peace.

Ibrar Hussain (Former Ambassador): It is appreciable that all the stakeholders are playing a constructive role in the success of Afghan reconciliation process. Pakistan has always made sincere efforts for Afghan peace. Islamabad has always endorsed every initiative taken for regional peace. Pakistan is playing significant role in bringing all the stakeholders on table talk. It is not an easy task to convince Taliban to share power with other stakeholders. India has always been a spoiler in Afghan peace process because it is against its strategic interests. An Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process is the ultimate solution to Afghan crisis. Complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would take some time.

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed (Medical Expert): Coronavirus transmits through respiration and observing the universal precautionary measures would keep us safe. It is satisfactory that quality vaccines are available in Pakistan. Emergence of third wave points towards our negligence. We can only conquer third wave by adopting the universal hygiene practices. There are different tests for identifying the coronavirus, but the most common is PCR testing. The virus shows up differently in different people. Some exhibit symptoms and some not. However, they may be the potential carrier of the virus without exhibiting any symptom.

Dr. Hassan Abbass Zaheer (Medical Expert): The number of corona affected patients is rising in Pakistan. The only way to bring this figure down is to increase the number of people being vaccinated. We are a little slower in vaccinating the people. We need to produce our own vaccine. People are interested in getting vaccinated but fact of the matter is that vaccines are not available for the entire population. It is highly important to observe precautionary measures in our daily lives to stay safe.


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