Pandemic Upheavals


Laden with ported violence, geopolitical intrigue- The global world is currently suffering from one of the worst nontraditional security challenges that have ensued mayhem repercussions to humanity. Over the past one and half years, the pandemic Covid-19 deteriorated all the contours of global social, economic, and security trends whilst its grim consequences may take decades to reconcile the modern world. From Asia to Europe and America to Africa the countries are plugged in with unprecedented challenges of the virus and the likely situation hardly seems to end shortly. This is one of the most alarming crises that has entangled the entire world. However, this vitiated situation also opened new corridors for geopolitics that has been much vivid during the pre-Covid era. The countries are predominately going to experiences the new trends and patterns of the global alliances and hostilities due to certain reasons. Firstly, the pandemic outbreak has revamped the previously set patterns that have delineated the first, second, and third world outlook. Secondly, it has changed the fascination obsession of over-relying on discourses of globalization, transnational integrations. Third, it has paused the unilateral power dominance of the leading global actors. Fourth, the pandemic has also offered the second and third world states to rethink and revamp their models of progress and development. Fifthly, the pandemic is also a litmus test for the global regimes driven by the liberal school of thought for the past two decades that how they handle the current humanitarian challenges, irrespective of any disparity. Furthermore, the current multipolar order also taking a vivid turn by moving towards the Asian from the West. One of the key development as an outcome of the pandemic is the reorientation of the difference between the first, second, and third world states. The entire world is undergoing a similar kind of crisis in the context of healthcare.


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