Pandemic: a reality check


The global world undergoes through a successive transformation in the aftermaths of the pandemic crisis for the past one and half years. There is a paradigm shift in the prospects of engagement and cooperation between the states. The domain trends of globalization have become bleak while global actors tend to pursue isolationist policies. Whereat one end it has exposed the real face of power hoaxes of the world at the same time it also set forward a new driving passage to all the competing actors to redefine their direct of goals persuasion. For instance, there was dominating perception that the western world has testimonial developing models for other regions and it can combat the worst crisis due to their advanced fascinating developmental aspects. However, it has never been the case, all the European powers and the US become fully vulnerable to the repercussions of the pandemic crisis and it has unable to assist their allies to handle the global challenges of the pandemic. With China as an exception, it has accomplished the targeted goals. The drive of geo-economic progress has been capitalized through its incredible policies. Furthermore, it has instigated vaccine diplomacy and its allies have become more confident over its policy trends that have set a new hallmark of their bilateral cooperation and association. It has changed the global perceptions and has carved its acceptance to assuaging its soft power prowess. Nevertheless, our world has reached a heart-wrenching milestone: the COVID-19 pandemic has now claimed two million lives. Behind this staggering number are names and faces: the smile now only a memory, the seat forever empty at the dinner table, the room that echoes with the silence of a loved one.

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