Pandemic: 3rd wave


Pakistan is now experiencing the 3rd wave of COVID’19; this wave is linked to the UK strain which is proving to be even more contagious than the Wuhan strain. COVID cases have continued to increase as total numbers of active COVID cases are 21,121 as per recent stats.
With the declining cases, government waived off the restriction on commercial activities on February 24th. Time limits were lifted; education institutions were re-opened without any particular restrictions, apart from maintaining the COVID SOPs. In regard to the increased cases, Pakistan Medical Association has warned the authorities of the seriousness, but government particularly seemed more indulged in political scoring rather than focusing on the issues of prime importance. The association has further suggested that restriction should not be lifted until 70% of the population is vaccinated, but even the ongoing process of vaccinating the senior citizens i.e. up to the age of 60 is ongoing with a quite slow rate, as the government lack resources to ensure considerable imports of vaccines needed. The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), considering the sensitivity of the situation has decided to bring smart and micro level lockdowns into action and has re-imposed sanctions. Meanwhile, conspiracies regarding vaccines are misguiding even the educated strata of the state, as according to the sources 49% of the population is reluctant to get vaccinated.
COVID cannot be fought by the government alone; citizens have to embrace their obligation to the state and must follow the restrictions imposed by the state. Yet, on the other hand, government should allocate resources to combat the virus by practical means; it should increase the number of testing and should import vaccines as per the state’s demands. Meanwhile, the conspiracies related to the vaccines should be taken up by the authorities to educate and to construct its acceptability within the masses; otherwise, Pakistan has to face the consequences because of the lack of a significant plan of action against the pandemic which has made path for the re-emergence of covid’19.

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