Palestine’s freedom a main issue of Islamic world: Iranian Ambassador

Al-Quds Day for awakening, vigilance of Muslim Ummah to determine the fate of Muslim nations by themselves


ISLAMABAD: Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan Seyed Moammad Ali Hosseini on Thursday said the Al-Quds Day was a great opportunity to realize the world that freedom of Palestine remained the main issue in the Islamic world.

Addressing the International Quds Day conference here, he said the Muslims would never abandon their principles and ideals, including the liberation of Palestine, and continue to promise the Palestinian fighters that they were not alone and all the Muslims of the world would always stand by them.

The ambassador said it was the day for awakening and vigilance of the Muslim Ummah and the day of determining the fate of Muslim nations by themselves.

Unfortunately, in recent days, in the shadow of news blackout, the occupying Zionist regime had increased attacks on Palestinian territories, he pointed out. The ambassador expressed the hope that God willing the Palestine would be liberated soon.

It may be mentioned that Ianian Supreme Leader Imam Khomeini had determined the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramazan as the International Quds Day. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif while expressing solidarity for the brave Palestinian people, reiterated support for the global pledge of an independent state of Palestine.

He said Jerusalem has been recognized as the capital of the Palestinian state where the Qibla-e-Awal was a source of peace for the Muslims.

Every year, on this day, Muslims strongly condemn the oppression of the Zionist forces, barbaric attacks and aggression by a Zionist state. Pakistan also joins the voices for justice and condemns the oppression of the Palestinian people, he added.

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