Palestine Under Horror and Mourning


Israel is a colonial warmonger that never stops. Its increasing provocations in Jerusalem in recent weeks have unsurprisingly driven Palestinians to the streets in protest followed by a massacre by Israel. The Israeli occupation, domination, disruption, prejudice, property confiscation or home demolition are a decades-long daily affair. Similarly, racist and violent provocations by Israeli fanatics are common practice in the occupied Palestinian territories. Not surprisingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justifies the Israeli repression of peaceful protest and religious worship by portraying it as a struggle between tolerance and intolerance; law and order, and law-breaking and violence. In the recent violence by Israeli authorities, 119 Palestinians have been martyred so far, including 31 children and 19 women. At least 830 others have been wounded according to the Gaza ministry of health. Heavy bombardment on the Gaza Strip continued as Israeli forces launched a series of air attacks on various locations. In a recent attack, At least 10 members of a Palestinian family including two women and eight children have been martyred by an Israeli air raid on their home in the Shati refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, following the fifth night of relentless bombardment of the besieged enclave. Dozens of families from Gaza’s northern towns were also displaced. In the residential building of Abraj al-Nada, families were unable to leave because of the heavy fire and appealed to the Red Cross for help. Israel annexed East Jerusalem and extended its jurisdiction and administration to the captured city after the 1967 war, but for the Palestinians and for much of the world, Al-Quds remains an occupied city, albeit with better medical insurance. Currently, the silence of the international community is painful. Everything is evident. Merely shallow statements wouldn’t cause any difference.

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