Palestine pavilion at Dubai Expo


The Palestine pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai is a clear depiction of historical land with ancient buildings. The organizers are hopeful for tourism and economic opportunities despite the hardships and restrictions faced by Palestinians because of the Israeli occupation which did not get a lot of space or mention at the pavilion. In a recent report released in November, the United Nations cautioned that the worsening economic situation in Palestine required an incorporated response. The report further said that the years of economic stagnation in the West Bank was followed by a sharp GDP per capita decline in 2020.  The pavilion itself represents Palestine in every sense. Videos of the historic sites, a call to prayer from a mosque, a church bell, a piece of rock from the Dome of the Rock, the fragrance of olives, a virtual reality (VR) tour of religious sites and a food table with virtual genuine cuisines and menus to glance through.

Visitors at the pavilion seem to be surprised after seeing these glimpses of Palestine. The pavilion is actually breaking the stereotyped situation. Items that are all made in Palestine are also exhibited at the pavilion. The pavilion is also promoting Palestinian products and goods. The objective is to promote the state’s achievement and opportunities through a positive image, one that focuses on daily life and how people go about their lives. In short, the sights, aroma and sounds of Jerusalem are showcased at the Palestinian pavilion. Muhammad Jabr, Director General of the Palestine Pavilion participating in Expo 2020 Dubai is of the view that the participation of the pavilion located in the area of ​​opportunities comes within the framework of documenting the Palestinian narrative and shedding light on Palestinian history, civilization and the future of Palestine.

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