Pakistan’s peace desire should not be misconstrued as weakness: FM

Qureshi urges UNSC to play role in averting Indian threats to regional peace



Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Pakistan’s armed forces are fully prepared to timely and appropriately respond to any Indian aggression or false flag operation.

In a video message in response to the Indian army chief’s statement, he said the entire nation stands by its valiant armed forces.

The Foreign Minister said we are a peaceful nation but our desire for peace should not be misconstrued as a sign of weakness.

He warned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of the Pakistani nation that we are a peace loving nation but he should not forget the 27th February.

He termed the statement by Indian army chief very irresponsible. He said India can stage any drama to divert attention from the ongoing protests in India. He said our intelligence has monitored extraordinary movement, which indicates bad intentions of India.

Reacting on the movement at the Line of Control (LoC) from Indian side, Qureshi said our armed forces are fully ready to respond to any aggression.

He said that the designs of Modi are clear as he took illegal steps on 5th of August. He said today is the 136th day of continued curfew in Occupied Kashmir and the held valley is facing total communication blackout.

Qureshi said extra ordinary movement is being reported along the LoC from Indian side, India always try to have adventure, when it is trapped in domestic problems.

Warning the BJP government, he said Pakistan to respond aggressively in case of any cross border misadventure .

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said he has written another letter to the President of the Security Council to apprise him of the nefarious designs of India.

He said that this is his seventh letter in which he pointed out the steps which indicate nefarious designs of India. He said he drew attention towards four steps.

He questioned as to what are the Indian plans to cut fence at the Line of Control at five places. Is India going to resort to any new misadventure against Pakistan? We are concerned over it.

The Foreign Minister said Indian forces violated ceasefire violations at LoC for three thousand times since January this year and targeted near three hundred armless civilians, including women and children.

He said, on the basis of the letter, China raised this issue for the second time at the UN Security Council. He said China timely highlighted the issue at the Security Council.

The Foreign Minister said, in view of the existing scenario, the Security Council must initiate probe through United Nations Military Observers Group so that they could apprise the Security Council about the ground realities. He said, in this regard, a date should be determined as soon as possible so that facts could reach the Security Council at the earliest.

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