Pakistan’s friendly Relations with Sri Lanka


PM Imran khan’s recent visit to Sri Lanka is of great importance when it comes to regional cooperation and connectivity.  The long-standing relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka are very much evident and growing rapidly as well. Sri Lanka is keen to further enhance bilateral trade and economic relations with Pakistan as both countries have good potential to do trade in many areas. Pakistani products including pharmaceuticals, rice, fruits and vegetables, steel, cement, garments, and textiles have huge potential in Sri Lanka and similarly, Sri Lankan tea, wall tiles, floor tiles have a great scope in Pakistan.  Both the countries have superb diplomatic relations. Pakistan is among the abruptly rising economies of the arena with pleasant industry surroundings created through the present government via insurance policies geared toward attaining micro-economic steadiness within the nation.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan have strong commercial and bilateral ties and the FTA between the two nations have been operational since June 2005. Pakistan certainly has important strategic endowments and development potential and its economy is ‘resilient.’ This can be said to the most important point of attraction for all those who believe in Economic development through cooperation.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan are two strategically located preeminent neighbors. Sri Lanka and Pakistan maintain cordial relations bilaterally but both the countries are coming together very close to each other, especially over a period of last two decades and that too with an alarming rate of motion. Pakistan’s large supply of defense equipment to Sri Lanka started on a grand scale in 1999 which became triple by the year 2009. This played a significant role in defeating LTTE by the Sri Lankan forces. Pakistan’s supply of high-tech weaponry on regular basis was one of the major factors of LTTE’s defeat. While civil war came to an end in Sri Lanka in 2009, active defense cooperation of Pakistan to Sri Lanka. There are many other cooperation avenues between both Nations and hopefully, they will further grow under the incumbent Governments in both countries.

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