Pakistan wins World “No Tobacco Day Award”


The World Health Organization (WHO)  has announced the World “No Tobacco Day 2021” Award for Pakistan in recognition of taking effective anti-tobacco measures.The awards recognize international achievements in the fight against the global tobacco epidemic and in the promotion of tobacco control initiatives and policies. They are awarded to individuals and institutions selected for their long-term commitment and outstanding contribution to research, advocacy, health promotion, capacity-building and other activities that promote and enforce tobacco control.

it is pertinent to mention that Pakistan has grabbed the global award after the significant work on tobacco control through policymaking as the country has set a target of reducing the number of persons consuming tobacco products by up to 30% by the year 2025 and successfully model of Tobacco-Smoke Free City project. Under the Tobacco-Smoke Free City project, the health authorities have established monitoring cells on the district level to implement steps for reducing tobacco consumption. Pakistan has also made 304 localities and parks smoke-free in 12 different districts under the project, becoming the world’s first country to declare smoke-free public parks.WHO-FCTC had already recognized the smoke-free Islamabad model internationally by displaying the snapshot of smoke-free Rose and Jasmin Public Park on the title page of its annual report. Furthermore, Pakistan is lauded for implementing the “M” measures -monitoring of tobacco use policies in the power, package to the highest level.

In addition to that, those selling tobacco products have also been registered under the Tobacco-Smoke Free City project. Likewise, it must be pointed out that NHS promulgated a statutory regulatory order (SRO), through which all types of tobacco advertising, promotions, and sponsorship were banned on point of sale even on social media.

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