“Pakistan will never compromise on its national interests”: PM

We can be friends with all, but will not be slaves to anyone: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday laid bare the grand conspiracy being hatched against the country to target the independent foreign policy being pursued by his government and the “funding” made to the joint opposition alliance to dislodge a democratically elected government.

“We will not compromise on our national interests,” Imran Khan told a mammoth gathering here at the Parade ground, attended by people from across the country.

“We will not accept slavery of anyone- we can be friends with all, but will not be slaves to anyone.”

Addressing the charged crowd Imran Khan said the recent revival of the joint opposition alliance – Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was in fact funded by “certain” foreign powers with the sole objective of removing a democratically elected government, as it dared to pursue its national interests and follow an independent foreign policy.

“I have never bowed before anyone, except Allah, and will never let my nation bow to anyone,” Imran Khan said as the huge crowd endorsed his resolve.

The Prime Minister disclosed that for the past several months’ efforts were being made to influence Pakistan’s foreign policy. Without naming any country or foreign power, Imran Khan read out a “carefully drafted statement” and said Pakistan desires to be friends with all.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said “efforts were being made from abroad to influence our Foreign Policy, for the past few months,” and said Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi fully knows about it.

He said funding from foreign countries was being funnelled into Pakistan, to conspire against a sitting government.

“We know exactly well from where [foreign] influence is being exerted. We will not compromise on our national ideology. I am not levelling any baseless allegations. I have this letter here with me that proves what I have said – we are being threatened.”

“There are many things that will be unveiled soon at an appropriate time. The nation wants to know, that the person in London meets whom? and on whose tunes the characters in Pakistan were dancing.”

He said he has all the proof, but he would not go into the details as he wants to protect the interests of Pakistan. He said he has not shared full details. He said he was grateful to Allah Almighty as He has bestowed upon him everything that he ever wished. “No person can give me anything more,” he said.

“Will you let them go ahead with this conspiracy?” Imran Khan asked the crowd which chanted in unison “No.”

“Only respectable nations can rise, not those who roam around with a begging bowl.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan regretted that certain foreign players were now using the opposition parties to pitch up against his government to achieve their nefarious designs. He appreciated the efforts made by late Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to pursue an independent foreign policy, an exercise that cost him his life.

Imran Khan said; “I might have many differences with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto but he was an honourable man. When he tried to give Pakistan an independent foreign policy, parties of Fazalur Rehman and absconder Nawaz Sharif joined hands, initiated a movement and created similar conditions, and it eventually led to the hanging of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.”

Today the son in law of Z A Bhutto; Asif Ali Zardari and his son Bilawal Bhutto, just in their lust for power have disregarded the sacrifice of their grandparent were today sitting with his murderers. Pakistan today has again been put to face a similar situation, he added.

“We are fully aware who has united them, but the times have changed and nothing is hidden anymore.” He said a few were part of the conspiracy knowingly, while others were following their leaders blindly.

“You only cross the river once – time like water flows away – this is the time of social media, nothing is hidden, the people of Pakistan are now fully aware.”

The Pakistani questioned the nation has to decide whether they will let those who were getting foreign funding and conspiring to overthrow his government? “No” came a resounding response.

Imran Khan said it was the major reason that he invited them to the Parade ground as being a democratically elected person he had to go back to the people and seek their opinion.

He said Pakistan was a great country with huge potential and an equally great nation. But regretted that few corrupt families have mercilessly plundered its wealth.

He said the entire nation will watch closely that how the parliamentarians vote, when the National Assembly meets for the Vote of No Confidence. “Resign if you do not agree with the party. But do not blame it on your conscience when you see 25 crore in front of you.” “The nation will never forgive and forget,” Imran Khan said.

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