Pakistan wants peace and stability in the region: experts

Expert’s louds Pak’s commitment to collaborate with the US for peace in Afghanistan


Islamabad, Rahimullah Yousafzai, Expert on Afghan Affairs stated that Afghanistan will remain high in the list of priorities of the Biden administration. It will not be an easy process for the US government to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Americans will want to ensure that there is a peace agreement in place before the complete withdrawal of troops so that Afghanistan does not descend into chaos once the troops leave. It is good development that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has spoken to his US counterpart. It will create links with the new US administration to discuss issues of mutual importance. Pakistan is helping the US to bring peace in Afghanistan. The US is putting pressure on Taliban in order to reduce the number of attacks. I think Taliban are waiting for the withdrawal of US and NATO troops. Taliban cannot achieve total military victory. Pakistan has provided evidence to the US that India intelligence agencies are involved in sabotaging peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan is also concerned over the use of Afghan territory to launch attacks on Pakistan.

Najamuddin Shaikh Former Foreign Secretary,   expressed that the new Biden administration has decided to review Afghan policy. There is a debate inside America regarding the Afghan policy. As far the question of policy review is concerned, it is an important issue for us. The US congress has said no US taxpayers’ money can be used if the troops’ number is reduced to less than 2,000. Antony Blinken says Taliban are not keeping up to their promises. Taliban have visited Doha and Iran which has created concerns in the US. We as neighbour of Pakistan must take into account these facts.Islamabad should push Taliban more to sit on negotiating table and hold talks. Pakistan is going to benefit the most if peace and tranquillity is restored to Afghanistan.

Moeed Yusuf, Special Assistant on National Security Division stated that it is not our job to suggest ways for talks between US administration and Taliban. We have a clear stance regarding the Afghan peace process. Pakistan wants peace and stability in the region, but the actual decision lies with the stakeholders on how to carve out details. New US administration is working on this situation.


Dr. Hassan Abbas Zaheer (Medical Expert while speaking on the Covid- Vaccine availability stated that  The storage of vaccine is not a problem in Pakistan. Pakistan will receive 500,000 doses which will cover 250,000 people in the first phase. The first priority for these jabs will be healthcare workers and elderly people. This number is inadequate but it is hoped that the government will order more vaccines. AstraZeneca has production issue and it is not known when the government will order for more vaccines. We should order for more vaccines early as there are a number of orders worldwide and deliveries may take time










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