Pakistan, Turkmenistan holds deep rooted cordial ties, Ambassador of Turkmenistan

Pakistan is our brotherly country and we attach great importance to enhancing cooperation with Pakistan in every possible sphere


Ambassador of Turkmenistan H.E Atadjan Movlamov has said that Pakistan is our brotherly country and we attach great importance to enhancing cooperation with Pakistan in every possible sphere. Turkmenistan can provide 3000 Megawatt electricity to Pakistan on cheaper rates than that presently are in Pakistan. We feel no problem in Afghanistan to lay down the pipelines for gas and transmission lines for electricity meant to reach to Pakistan.

Ambassador was speaking at a seminar at COMSATS today that was held in collaboration with Pakistan in the World journal and Sidhu Welfare on the subject of ” Turkmenistan – Home of Year of Peace and Trust ; 2021″.

Executive Director COMSATS, Dr. SM Junaid Zaidi, Ambassador R Fauzia Nasreen, Journalist Tazeen Akhtar , Chairperson Sindhu Welfare, Dr Afshan Malik, Chairperson COPAIR, Amna Malik also addressed the participants on the topic.

” Turkmen- Afghan relations are a vivid example of how a neutral country can actively contribute to stability and development in the region. Taliban has assured safety of our infrastructure for TAPI. Moreover Turkmenistan is ready to provide 3000 Megawatt electricity to Pakistan that is already a populous country and energy requirements are increasing rapidly with the pace of development. ” Ambassador continued with details of the projects that were inaugurated last month by the Presidents of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

Tazeen Akhtar, introducing the participants to the subject in his welcoming remarks said that Turkmenistan moved a resolution at UNO in 2019, in which the world body was asked to declare 2021 as the year of peace and trust. The resolution was adopted with a majority vote. Turkmenistan earlier, in 1995 , adopted a Neutrality policy and celebrated its silver jubilee last year. UNO passed a resolution in 2017 in which respect for Turkmenistan’s neutrality was guaranteed. The policy of Neutrality from all blocks, political or military, helped Turkmenistan and central Asian republics to achieve progress and prosperity for their nations after independence from the USSR.

To another question on prospects of tourism cooperation by Amna Malik , Ambassador answered that our country is keen to enhance cooperation in this sector as well. Ambassador shared the steps taken so far for promotion of tourism in his country and expressed deep interest in exchange of experiences of both sides.

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