Pakistan-Turkey Military Exercise: ATATURK-XI 2021


The joint military exercise, ATATURK-II 2021, between Pakistan and Turkey has to be been concluded. Pakistan and Turkey have strengthened their diplomatic and military relations over recent years to an unprecedented level. The initiative of joint military exercise between Pakistan and Turkey is considered among the key factors which have a significant impact on military ties between the two states. Since 1998, this joint military exercise has been conducted alternatively by these countries. This joint military exercise has not only further strengthened the bond of two brotherly nations and but will also help in adapting to the emerging trends in military modernization and cooperation. ATATURK-I 2021, a three-week-long joint military exercise, commenced on 9th February 2021 in which Turkish Special Forces and Pakistan’s SSG troops participated. In this exercise, counter-terrorism, close quarter battle, cordon and search, rappelling, fire and move techniques, helicopter rappelling, compound clearance, hostage and rescue, and free-fall operations were included. Both Pakistan and Turkey have been fighting similar security threats to their territorial integrity and national security e.g. terrorism. Therefore, the exercise holds significant importance for sharing experiences and learning from each other’s planning and strategies. Pakistan and Turkey have been conducting the joint exercises since 1998, alternately. The exercises held in Turkey are named ‘JINNAH’, while those held in Pakistan are named ‘ATATURK’. These exercises are meant to enhance the cooperation between the Armed Forces of both countries and further strengthen the brotherly ties.

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