Pakistan trashes Indian propaganda over Kartarpur corridor

Pakistan condemns killing of three Kashmiri youth by Indian forces in IIOJK


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Sunday categorically rejected malicious Indian propaganda regarding the alleged use of Kartarpur corridor for business meetings. “It is obvious that this concoction is part of India’s deliberate smear campaign seeking to undermine Pakistan’s historic initiative of opening the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor for Sikh pilgrims from India and around the world, the Foreign Office Spokesperson said in a press release. The spokesperson said there was nothing new about India’s desperate bid to malign the “Corridor of Peace” and divert the world’s attention away from the grave injustices being done to its own minorities, especially Muslims, who were being targeted with impunity by Hindu zealots in utter disregard of all tenets of law and justice. India would be well advised to desist from casting fallacious aspersions on the Kartarpur Corridor which was a gift by the Government of Pakistan to the Sikh community, and instead focus on taking meaningful steps to effectively protect its own religious minorities and ensure the safety of their lives and places of worship, the spokesperson added. “Pakistan accords the highest primacy to the rights of the minorities. Sanctity of religious places and revered sites of every community is ensured in Pakistan,’ it was further added. Just recently, Pakistan hosted over 2000 Sikh pilgrims from India alone who were here to participate in the annual Baisakhi festival held from 12-21 April 2022. Elaborate arrangements were put in place to facilitate the visiting pilgrims to pay homage at their holy religious sites. The Sikh community around the world remained appreciative of Pakistan’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity and promotion of religious harmony. Pakistan Saturday strongly condemned the unabated killing spree being perpetrated by the Indian occupation forces in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), causing martyrdom of three more Kashmiri youths in Baramullah district during the last two days. More than 580 innocent Kashmiris have so far been martyred by the Indian occupation forces since India’s illegal and unilateral actions of 5 August 2019.

According to the Foreign Office Spokesperson, the growing number of extra-judicial killings in fake encounters and staged cordon-and-search operations in the IIOJK during the holy month of Ramazan, only highlighted the ugly reality of India’s illegal occupation and the extremist anti-Muslim designs of the “Hindutva” inspired BJP-RSS combine in India. He said the Kashmiri youth, which had been a specific target of the Indian occupation forces stationed in the IIOJK, had however remained unfazed in its determination to thwart the Indian designs of subjugating the Kashmiris with the use of unbridled force.

“Pakistan reiterates its call for investigation of extra-judicial killings in IIOJK by the Commission of Inquiry as recommended by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in its Kashmir reports of 2018 and 2019. Pakistan once again calls upon the international community to play its role in ensuring a just and peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant UNSC resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people for durable peace and stability in South Asia,” he added.

Likewise, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, wife of illegally detained Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik, said that fascist Narendra Modi has already turned Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) into a killing field and his visit would further add fuel to the fire.

Mushaal, who is also Chairperson of the Peace and Culture Organization, said in a statement on Sunday that Modi’s visit to the scenic valley was nothing but a cruel joke with the Kashmiri people

She said that the visit is tantamount to rub salt on the wounds of Kashmiris who have been living life under the shadow of guns for the last seven decades.

Mushaal vowed that the brave people of the Kashmir would observe complete shutdown on the visit of notorious Modi to give a clear message to him as well as to the world that Kashmiris would not accept the brutal subjugation anymore come what may.

She added that Kashmiris rejected India’s illegal occupation of their homeland and they would continue their struggle till they achieve their inalienable right to self-determination

The Hurriyat leader made it clear that complete shutdown on Modi’s visit to IIOJK meant to register protest against India’s illegal occupation and to expose his brutal and fascist face before the world. She went on to say that the Indian prime minister wanted to visit the land of martyrs to mislead the world about real situation in the valley.

Mushaal claimed that Modi has virtually turned Kashmir into a killing filed, as Indian occupation forces have been given license to kill and torture innocent and unarmed Kashmiris with complete impunity. She warned that the supremacist Hindu regime could not buy loyalty of Kashmiri people with announcing some development projects, adding that the people are well-aware of his nefarious designs and they could not be misguided.

The chairperson said that Kashmiris were determined to continue struggle against forcible occupation till last drop of their blood and they would give strong message through observing shutdown in IIOJK that Kashmiris will die but not capitulate.

However, she said that it was incumbent upon the United Nations to play its much-needed role to stop systematic genocide of Kashmiris, as the occupied authorities crossed all the limits of brutality and barbarism in the valley.

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