Pakistan reiterates principled position of conflict de-escalation, peaceful resolve

Conspiracies doomed to fail before rulers’ sincere intentions: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan received a telephone call from the President of Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskii.

Discussing the latest situation in Ukraine, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed deep regret that the military conflict was continuing and reiterated Pakistan’s principled position in support of immediate cessation of hostilities and resolution of the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy.

The Prime Minister added that he had been persistently highlighting the adverse economic impact of the conflict on the developing countries, manifested in rising prices of oil and commodities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized the importance of humanitarian relief for the civilians and underlined that Pakistan has dispatched two C-130 airplanes with humanitarian relief assistance for people in Ukraine.

Recalling the recent OIC-CFM session in Islamabad, the Prime Minister informed that the Foreign Ministers of the Islamic countries expressed deep concern at the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation arising from the conflict in Ukraine. The Foreign Ministers called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and expressed willingness of OIC member states to support and facilitate the dialogue process.

The Prime Minister underlined that non-partisan countries like Pakistan were in a position to play a helpful role in reinforcing efforts for cessation of hostilities and a diplomatic solution.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also thanked for the support extended by Ukrainian authorities to evacuate Pakistani students and nationals as well as the Embassy staff.

The Prime Minister also appreciated the efforts made by other countries to facilitate diplomatic solution.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday said that when the rulers had clear intentions; all the conspiracies hatched internally or externally, were bound to fail.

The prime minister thanked the opposition parties for its conspiracies which had further increased popularity of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and stirred a new wave of fervor in its ranks.

The prime minister expressed these views during a meeting with the member of the National and Sindh assemblies and party office bearers belonging to Sindh province.

The prime minister said the PTI is the only grass rooted national level political party and by spending wealth, the public gatherings could not be arranged.

When a nation resolved to change the fate of country, he said, the result were reflected in the shape of public gatherings like the recently one held in Islamabad with the spirit of ‘Amr bil Ma’ruf’.

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi and Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain were also present during the meeting.

The prime minister observed that it was the country’s biggest public gathering, openly reflecting public trust in PTI.

Addressing the members, he said that they had joined the party as workers and now representing their constituencies in the parliament.

The members offered felicitation to the prime minister on historic public gathering in Islamabad and PTI-led Sindh rights march.

Expressing their complete confidence in the leadership of prime minister, they appreciated him for a successful foreign policy, and prime minister’s efforts for Namoos-e-Risalat (SAW) and Islamophobia and subsequent adoption of a resolution by the UN.

The prime minister directed them to further strengthen the organization in the province, especially at the district level. Meanwhile, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Tuesday said the foreign letter had clearly indicated that Prime Minister Imran Khan might face the consequences for his pro-people politics.

The covert warning was given to the prime minister under an international conspiracy hatched to dislodge his government, he said.

The prime minister had mentioned about the letter in his address the historic mammoth public gathering at the Parade Ground on March 27.

Addressing a news conference along with Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar after the meeting of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Political Committee, Fawad said PM Imran Khan had full commitment with the people.

“Through the letter, the PM was informed of the consequences for his political discourse…” he added.

The minister said it was deliberated in the meeting that as to what extent the contents of the letter could be shared. Its full details might be shared with the Chief Justice of Pakistan, he added.

Pakistan’s history, he said, was rife with foreign conspiracies, recalling the assassination of the first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan, hanging of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and General Ziaul Haq’s plane crash.

Terming PM Imran Khan the brave leader, Fawad said he had always taken the people into confidence over national issues and never bowed to any pressure and caved in to the “calls from abroad”.

Being a political party, it was the job of PTI leadership to tell the people about truth, he added. The letter was received before submission of the no-confidence motion (in the National Assembly), which was also mentioned in it (letter).

“This is my stance from the day one that Nawaz Sharif should not have been allowed to go abroad. When such persons flee the country, they become stooges of the international establishment,” the minister maintained.

Fawad claimed that Nawaz Sharif had met various anti-state people, including Israeli diplomats in London, and such meetings were even reported in the media too.

Taking a dig at some senior anchor-persons, he said they needed to take training from their juniors who knew better as to how verify the news before being reported.

All the letters circulating in the media were “fake” as no copy of the original one had been shared with any media person, he added.

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