Pakistan reaffirms commitment to further cement bilateral ties with UAE

PM directs to urgently resolve issues pertaining to SEZs


ISLAMABAD: Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Mohamed Bin Zayed, telephoned Prime Minister Imran Khan and offered deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the Lahore blast of January 22. The crown prince prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured. He strongly condemned the terrorist attack that claimed three lives and left several injured, the PM Office said in a statement. The crown prince expressed solidarity with the leadership, government and people of Pakistan. The prime minister thanked the crown prince for his condolences and strong expression of support. Reaffirming Pakistan’s firm resolve to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, he said that the perpetrators of terrorist attacks would be brought to justice. The Prime Minister expressed Pakistan’s desire to work with the UAE for further strengthening of bilateral ties, enhancing cooperation in the multilateral fora and continue close coordination on regional and global issues of mutual interest. Frequent and cordial interaction between the leaderships of the two countries is a hallmark of fraternal ties between Pakistan and the UAE. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has won full recognition and praise from the international community for taking people out of hardships and making great economic achievements in the country.

Despite serious Covid-19 pandemic and various natural disasters, the Pakistani government and people, under the wise leadership of PM Imran Khan, have braved hardships and difficulties and made great achievements for booming economy, which has won full recognition and praise from the international community.

These views were expressed by Cheng Xizhong, visiting Prof. at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, and former Defence Attache in South Asian countries in an article on Monday.

The Chinese scholar noted that The Economist published a normalcy index and for the third consecutive time, Pakistan stood in the top three. The revised Gross Domestic Products (GDP) growth reached 5.37% in Financial Year 2021, the second best in the last 14 years. Bloomberg recognized that Pakistan is entering the decade of sustainable growth.

He remarked that earlier, Pakistani economy was a service-based economy with focus on imports, but now Pakistan’s economy is standing firmly on its own feet with a significant rise in exports, especially textiles and Information Technology (IT) services.

Prof. Cheng analyzed that the biggest contribution of PM Imran Khan in power for more than three and half years lies in his unremitting exploration and finally having found a development path suitable for his own national conditions.

Secondly, PM Imran Khan puts the interests of the people above all else, is committed to improving people’s livelihood, which fully embodies the new concept of governing for the people.

Third, he has unswervingly cracked down on corruption and won the heartfelt support of people from all walks of life and the whole country.

He said that in international affairs, especially in upholding regional and global peace and stability and alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Pakistan has been playing a greater role due to the incumbent government’s solid foreign policies. Therefore, Pakistan has regained respect at the international level.

From his performance in office for more than three years, PM Imran Khan is a well-deserved great leader of the Pakistani people, he added. Adding to this, Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday felicitated Justice Ayesha Malik, on becoming the first-ever women judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. On his twitter handle, the prime minister also extended his best wishes to her. “I want to congratulate Justice Ayesha Malik on becoming the first woman judge of the Supreme Court. I wish her all the best,” the prime minister said in a tweet. Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed administered oath to Justice Ayesha Malik after which she formally became the country’s first-ever female judge to reach the apex court. Earlier, her appointment was approved by the Parliamentary Committee on the Appointment of Superior Judiciary and the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP). Prior to her elevation to the Supreme Court, Justice Ayesha Malik served as a judge of the Lahore High Court. Earlier to this, Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday categorically said that he would not meet Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, because it would amount to compromising over Sharif family’s crimes.

During the fifth session of live “Aap Ka Wazir Azam Aap Key Sath’ programme, the prime minister said that he would not give Sharif’s family any NRO because doing so would be huge treason with the country.

The prime minister said that he did not consider (Shabaz Sharif) as an opposition leader rather he treated him as man who had committed serious crimes against the nation and country.

Responding to a query, the prime minister said an opposition leader had a stature but in the instant case, Shahbaz Sharif was delivering lengthy speeches in the parliament without caring to give reply to a number of graft and corruption cases pending with the courts.

He did not want to respond to Ramzan sugar mills case, transferring of Rs3.7 billion in the account of a peon Maqsood and Rs16 billion in the accounts of other servants. They were accounted for Rs8 billion cases pending with NAB, he added.

The prime minister said that Sharif family should take some pity on this country. Expressing his wonder, he said by using delaying tactics in the courts, what kind of service they were rendering to the democracy and setting example for a civilized society!

“If I meet him, it will amount to acceptance of their wrongdoings (corruption) as no longer a punishable crime in a civilized society,” he stressed.

The prime minister said that he wanted the nation to imbibe the basic principles taught by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) regarding rule of law and equal treatment of all segments of society.

He stressed that as followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the nation should follow those principles.

He regretted that different trends had been set in the society for the powerful and the weak. The ordinary criminals had been languishing in the jails and the powerful elite was residing outside the country. Those criminals had been showered with flower petals.

If such were the standards in society, then set the jails open for the ordinary criminals, he said, adding that he was ready to talk to everyone including TLP and Balochs, but would not talk to such elements who had siphoned off the country’s wealth, the prime minister elaborated.

He said according to the World Bank rule of law index, Switzerland topped the list with 100 percent score. In Singapore, a minister committed suicide due to his corruption and in the US a powerful family also followed the same course to avoid public shame.

“Unless we follow the path of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), we cannot aspire to get prosperity,” he said, adding (Imran Khan) had no magic wand to set the wrong things right. The prime minister opined that a society had to fight such crimes and trends.

To another question, he invited the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to return back and face the criminal cases. “I am waiting for your return to Pakistan, please return back,” he added.

About the opposition parties’ proposed march, the prime minister said the public would not come out on the streets to save their corruption.

He said the public had come out on the streets to support two leaders in the country, one Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and then came out to support him in his campaign against corruption.

The prime minister said not a single party in the country ever brought supporters in huge numbers to Minar-e-Pakistan, and it was the PTI that did it by four times.

He said the corrupt junta could not befool the public anymore. Though there was an issue of price hike but the public would not come out on the streets as they understood two families’ theft and corruption.

The prime minister further said that his party would complete its current term in power and would also return to government in the next term, owing to tackling of historic and huge economic challenges faced by any past government in the country’s history.

He also warned the opposition parties that he would become more dangerous in case he did not remain in power.

“You will not find any place to hide. Whatever you have done with the country, the people knew it very well, the volcano is brewing. They will flee the country and hide in London,” he added.

Referring to Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister said he would not return back to Pakistan out of his love for the ill-gotten pelf.

Often, they floated rumours of deals to save their party from disintegration, he said, adding they were the elements whose time had run out.

“The way they treated the country, the nation is not ready to pardon them,” he observed.

The prime minister said a three-time prime minister, had been expressing his ignorance about the illegal accumulated wealth and the properties in UK worth billion of rupees. Even his sons were declaring themselves as citizens of UK to evade accountability, he added.

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