Pakistan pursuing diplomatic policy that seeks to deliver peace, prosperity: Asad

Shibli pays tributes to sacrifices rendered by armed forces for the defense of country


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan has said Pakistan is pursuing a foreign policy that seeks to deliver peace and prosperity.

Addressing a virtual event in connection with Pakistan Day in Washington, he said our leadership’s vision for a new and transformed Pakistan is focused around economic security.

The Ambassador said we are positioning Pakistan as an economic and a transit hub.

Asad Majeed Khan pointed out that there has been a remarkable improvement in security situation in Pakistan due to immense sacrifices of our security forces and ordinary citizens.

In his remarks, Counselor of the U.S. Department of State Derek Chollet said the deep and multifaceted people to people ties showcase the strong connections between the two countries.


PTI leader Senator Shibli Faraz has said the country has been put on the path as envisioned by its founding fathers.


Addressing an event in connection with Pakistan Day in Islamabad today (Tuesday), he expressed the confidence that the nation under the honest, dedicated and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan will touch the zenith of success.


Senator Shibli Faraz said we have to create a society where there is rule of law and all the people have equal economic opportunities.


Shibli Faraz regretted the tactics being used by the certain elements to protect their corruption.  He said they are pressurizing the institutions and making a mockery of law. He however said that these influential and elites will be made subservient to the law, adding this country was not made for one family but for the people where they have access to justice and enjoy equal opportunities.


Senator Shibli Faraz paid tributes to the sacrifices rendered by the armed forces for the defense of the country.


Later talking to the media persons, Senator Shibli Faraz confirmed that Broadsheet Commission’s inquiry report has been presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan.


He said the inquiry report will be reviewed and then accordingly the legal course will be adopted. He said details of the inquiry report will also be shared with the media.

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