Pakistan plays part in defusing ME tensions: PM

PM Imran Khan meets ADB president on sidelines of WEF


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday ruled out the possibility of immediate war between Pakistan and India following the prevailing grave situation in occupied Kashmir which was put under military siege and lockdown by Narendra Modi-led government in New Delhi when it revoked the special status of the territory in August, last year.
Speaking to International Media Council in Davos, the prime minister said that when he became PM, he reached out to Narendra Modi to settle disputes, but the response from Modi was “really strange”. He said that Pakistan wants a peaceful resolution of all disputes with India. “When I became PM, I telephoned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked him to let both countries invest the money on eliminating poverty instead of investing on enmity,” he added.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that a war can only be started but it is not the hands of anyone to end it and I do not understand why the states are looking towards wars for solutions to the problems. Delivering his keynote address at the World Economic Summit 2020 at Davos, Imran Khan said that after wasting billions of dollars and millions of lives, we have realized that we were wrong.
He said that when the Soviet’s left, we were left with the militant groups and that became a watershed in Pakistan with the rise of gun culture, armed militias and drug trade. This became an impediment to our growth as a nation. “Pakistan once again faced difficulties after 9/11 and once again we became part of the American war,” he said and added after his party got elected, we decided Pakistan will never become part of anyone s war now,” he said.
Imran Khan went on to say that Pakistan is actively playing a responsible role in defusing tensions between the US and Iran, adding that it is also playing a critical role in bringing peace in the neighbouring Afghanistan. He further said that his government had decided to resolve conflicts between other countries but never to become part of any war, adding that keeping in mind this policy, Islamabad played its part in defusing tensions between the US and Iran.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan-led delegation has held a meeting with Asian Development Bank (ADB) president Masatsugu Asakawa on the sidelines of World Economic Forum (WEF) here. The Pakistani delegation comprises members of economic team and bank officials headed by PM Imran Khan during the meeting where they discussed ADB’s role in economic matters of the country.
President ADB Masatsugu Asakawa said the meeting with PM Imran Khan was an honour for him which was his first official engagement after assuming charge of the position. He said ADB has also decided to increase financial assistance of Pakistan after International Monetary Fund (IMF).
He said Pakistan and ADB are strong partners since the last 15 years and the bank is assisting Islamabad for the implementation of reforms agenda, as well as tax reformations. Asakawa said ADB will also support the Islamabad’s Ehsaas programme initiated for poverty alleviation by the federal government.

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