Pakistan lunches Eurobond


Pakistan recently lunches the country’s first-ever Eurobond. The Green Euro issued on the basis of WAPDA’s stable financial position instead of state-guarantee. The world’s largest financial institutions have shown extraordinary interest in Green Eurobond which is a sign of confidence in the stable financial position of Pakistan and WAPDA as well. The extraordinary response to Green Euro in the world financial market has opened new avenues for financing big projects in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention that,  Pakistan has done remarkable work to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The Tree Tsunami campaign is a great initiative taken by the government. Furthermore, there are also other projects underway to make Pakistan a green and climate-friendly country. The government is taking corrective measures to improve the climate to promote tourism and international investment. It is unfortunate that Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries as far as global warming is concerned, and we have taken timely actions to avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change. A good climate is very significant for agro-based economies. We have signed an MoU with Saudi Arabia to overcome the issue of climate change.

The issuing of green bonds is significant for the construction of dams. Building water reservoirs highly imperative for survival. It is very encouraging that Pakistan is blessed with plenty of water resources. However, it is our responsibility to protect this blessing of Allah Almighty. The opposition must avoid playing political games on the issue of water. The equal distribution of water would be ensured in the future.

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