Pakistan-KSA Diplomatic ties


Emboldened by ideological assimilations and mutual bond of bonhomie, Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shares deeply rooted Security, strategic, social, political, and economic ties. . Pakistanis have a special regard for the KSA for being prominent state of Muslim world and its position as the custodian of Islam’s holiest cities. Apart from bilateral engagement, both states cherish a prominent role in the Muslim world through sharing the OIC forum. History vindicates that KSA has been amongst the most valuable partner of Pakistan and it remains the key actor in providing economic assistance in crucial times. Notably, during the Indo-Pak wars, and atomic tests of Pakistan it has shown unconditional diplomatic support.

Likewise, both partners share an extensive economic relationship. Currently, 2.5 million Pakistan’s contributes to the economic prosperity of KSA and it also generates remittances of $2 billion for Pakistan. Also, bilateral cooperation is further deepened in the energy sector as KSA is the largest source of the petroleum industry of Pakistan. It also plans to set up a $10Bn oil refinery in Gwadar and likely to invest in the Reko-Diq mine. KSA also vows to use CPEC routes to supply petroleum products. Besides, multidimensional military cooperation over the years both states abled to develop strong military nexus. KSA is the largest importer of Pakistani arms, weapons industry. Approximately 70000 Pakistani personnel serving in the KSA’s military. Furthermore, it also tends to purchase ballistic missiles from Pakistan. However, the paradigm shift in regional geopolitical sphere has made the relations subtle and elusive, which needs to be addressed through mutual diplomatic efforts. From Pakistan’s perspective, following reformative policy measures can be opted to ensure the enduring and smooth trajectory of bilateral ties with Saudi Arabia.

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