Pakistan, Gambia agree to enhance cooperation in health, engineering sectors


Islamabad: Pakistan and Gambia have agreed to enhance cooperation in the health and engineering sectors for the betterment of the people of the two countries.
The understanding came at a meeting between Minister for Health Gambia and Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz in Islamabad.
Gambia’s Minister for health, while recognizing the expertise of Pakistan in the health sector, shared his views regarding the excellent healthcare human resource generation and equipment manufacturing in Pakistan.
He said Gambia wishes to import pharmaceuticals and medical equipment directly from Pakistan. He said the Gambia is also looking for collaboration and support in terms of capacity building of their human resource in the health-care sector.
Minister for Science and Technology said Pakistan is very well known for its doctors and health-care workers. He said it is one of the leading countries to export health-care workers especially in times of COVID pandemic. He said we can look for opportunities to provide capacity building trainings to our trade partners.
Shibli Faraz told the Gambian delegation that the country is progressing rapidly in sustainable engineering products and is ready to export equipment to Gambia in not just the health-care, but other sectors too like commercial agriculture, engineering and electronics.

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