Pakistan condemns attacks launched by Houthi militia against Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia pledges $430m to UN's Yemen response



Pakistan has strongly condemned the recent attacks launched by Houthi militia against Saudi Arabia, in particular the Houthi projectile that injured five civilians in a border village in Jazan region.

In a statement, the Foreign Office Spokesperson said these attacks not only violate the territorial integrity of the Kingdom but also threaten the lives of innocent people.

He said Pakistan calls for their immediate cessation, as it stands in solidarity with Saudi Arabia. Islamabad also calls on Houthi militia to halt its attacks on Ma’arib governorate in Yemen. We reiterate our call for a comprehensive political solution to the conflict in Yemen through peaceful means.

Earlier  Saudi Arabia on Monday pledged $430 million toward the UN’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, supervisor general of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), made the announcement during a virtual pledging conference co-hosted by Sweden and Switzerland.

“Because of its keenness to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people, I am pleased to announce that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has pledged $430 million to support the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan 2021, to be implemented through UN agencies, international organizations, and local and regional NGOs,” Al-Rabeeah told the conference.

He said the Kingdom has provided support and assistance to millions of people in need and shares the goal of reducing the effects of the humanitarian crisis.

He added that Saudi Arabia ranks among the top donor countries in providing humanitarian aid regionally and internationally, particularly in Yemen.

“We are meeting today amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis Yemen has already been facing, along with all the additional economic, health and political challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created there,” he said.

Al-Rabeeah said the Iran-backed Houthi militia had caused a major escalation of the crisis with a recent offensive in Marib governorate, which was a safe haven for internally displaced persons.

“The Houthi militia has also scaled up their terrorist actions to threaten neighboring countries,” Al-Rabeeah said.

He was referring to the increase in cross border attacks targeting civilian areas in Saudi Arabia.

“This requires a firm and resolute stand from the international community to protect the Yemeni people and to reach sustainable solutions that achieve security, stability and development for Yemen, and ultimately for the region and the world,” Al-Rabeeah said.

A total of $1.7 billion was pledged during the conference, out of $3.85 that the UN had appealed for.

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