Pakistan, China agree to hold over 100 events to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic ties

70 + 70 Years of China-Pakistan friendship reporting activity launched


BEIJING, with the start of festivities and special events to mark the 70th anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties, China Economic Net has launched a large-scale all-media reporting activity named “70+70, 70-Year Stories of China and Pakistan”.


The news website will interview 70 Chinese and 70 Pakistanis who have witnessed or have been dedicated to China-Pakistan friendship for stories of the “ironclad brothers”.


Over the past seven decades, mutual support is the common theme between China and Pakistan. The two countries have been a staunch supporter for each other in China’s breaking of external blockade to establish ties with more countries and in Pakistan’s dealing of national crisis to safeguard national dignity.


The peoples of both the countries have always been the first to help each other – be it the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 or the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ironclad friendship between China and Pakistan are fully demonstrated through these events and the China-Pakistan All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership has been further cemented since the historic state visit of President Xi Jinping to Pakistan in 2015.

Over the past 70 years, China-Pakistan friendship has been characterized by mutual development. Great strides have been made in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, from the operations of the Gwadar Port and PKM expressway to the services of the Orange Line Metro Transit, which ushers Pakistan into the metro era. Bilateral economic and trade cooperation has become increasingly close as Chinese seeds, home appliances, mechanical and electrical products have entered the households and workplaces of the Pakistanis and more Pakistani products, such as textiles, mangoes and green crabs, have found their way into the Chinese market. China and Pakistan are joining hands to create new areas for growth.

Heroes are nurtured by the times; the great comes out of the ordinary. Against the background of the 70th anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties, the “70+70, 70-Year Stories of China and Pakistan” event aims at reproducing the historical details of the establishment of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties to bring down the “Iron Curtain”, recount the lively stories of mutual assistance, and analyze cases of bilateral economic cooperation through the narratives of the witnesses, whatever their age or role. Ultimately, the event points to a higher-level and broader and deeper China-Pakistan cooperation.


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