Pakistan-Azerbaijan ties amid shifting geopolitics


The rapidly shifting geopolitics and the new regional developments project significant influence over the prevailing security arrangements of West and South Asia. Pakistan cognizant of the significance of its relations with Azerbaijan, especially with reference to possibilities offered by China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which holds significance in terms of initiating new trade businesses between them. Through the North-South Transport Corridor, Azerbaijan can be directly connected with Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China.

To understand the Pakistan-Azerbaijan relations in their broader perspective and the effects of regional geopolitics upon the national security of both countries it is imperative that Pakistan and Azerbaijan share amiable relations characterized by unique political nature that have transcended geographical boundaries and distance. Both the countries share commonalities on religious and historical grounds.

Pakistan was the second country, which recognized independence of Azerbaijan in 1991. Since then, both the states enjoy cordial relations in the realms of economics, diplomacy, culture, technology and defence. Therefore, both the states have similarity of perceptions on various regional and global issues like resolving the territorial disputes of Indian held Kashmir and Nagorno-Karabakh through the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Pakistan supports Azerbaijan on the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent territories. It neither till date recognizes Armenia nor has established any kind of diplomatic relations. Azerbaijan supports Pakistan’s stance on Indian held Kashmir at regional and global levels. Leaderships in Islamabad and Baku uphold that the international principles of sovereignty and right to self determination must be guaranteed in these disputed territories.

They observe homogeneous approach of like-minded ideals important for the regional connectivity and integration. They maintain that all the regional and global disputes should be settled by peaceful means and dialogue under the system of International Law. What drives the two states closer is the complete belief in promoting peaceful neighbourhood for development, in the face of regional belligerence and hostility.

Published in The Asian Telegraph on November 18th, 2018.

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