Pakistan appreciates China’s role in promoting interests of developing countries: FO

Pakistan important member of group of friends of Global Development Initiative: China


ISLAMABAD, Foreign Office on Monday said Pakistan stands ready to work with all developing countries, including the BRICS members for addressing the challenges faced by the global community.

Responding to media queries about a ‘High-level Dialogue on Global Development’ held virtually on sidelines of the BRICS meetings, the the FO spokesperson said

Pakistan congratulated China on the successful hosting of the BRICS meetings.

“We have noted that this year a “High-level Dialogue on Global Development” was held as a BRICS side event in which a number of developing and emerging economies were invited,” Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar said.

The FO Spokesperson said China being the host country engaged with Pakistan prior to the BRICS meetings, where decisions are taken after consultations with all BRICS members, including extending invitation to non-members.

Regrettably one member blocked Pakistan’s participation, he said.

“However, we do hope that future engagement of the organization would be based on the principles of inclusivity keeping in view the overall interests of the developing world and in a manner that is devoid of narrow geo-political considerations, “he said.

He said, “We appreciate China’s role in promoting the interests of the developing countries”.

He said together with China, Pakistan has been a strong voice for global peace, shared prosperity and inclusive development.

Pakistan is the current chair of G77+China and also part of group of friends of the Global Development Initiative(GDI).

Pakistan and China are all-weather strategic partners and our iron brotherhood remains rock solid. The two countries are fully committed to take our all-round cooperation to higher levels  both bilaterally and multilaterally. hinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Monday that Pakistan was an important member of the group of friends of the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and China highly valued the important role of Pakistan in promoting global development and advancing implementation of the UN 2030 agenda for a sustainable development and booting regional cooperation.

” China and Pakistan are all weather strategic cooperative partners. Pakistan is an important member of the group of friends of the Global Development Initiative (GDI),” he said during his regular briefing held here at International Press Center (IPC).

“China highly values the important role of Pakistan in promoting global development and advancing implementation of the UN 2030 agenda for a sustainable development and booting regional cooperation,” he said.

Zhao Lijian said that China and Pakistan maintained close communication and coordination.

“We have conducted substantial cooperation in the field of development, which has delivered tangible benefits to the people of both countries and the region,” he added.

He remarked that China would continue to make Pakistan a priority partner in implementing the global development initiative.

“We will continue to work with the country (Pakistan) to advance the global development agenda,” he added.The spokesperson said that the decision to hold the high level dialogue on global development was based on consultation among BRICS countries.

It is noted that, the BRICS countries account for more than 40 percent of the world’s population and about a quarter of global gross domestic product. China discussed measures at the summit that could help BRICS become an even bigger player in trade and investment. Xi wants the five powers to help spearhead a campaign for economic globalization in the face of signs that the process may be going into reverse as the pandemic recedes.

China’s advocacy of this agenda reflects, in large part, the fact that it has been a big beneficiary of globalization, with International Monetary Fund data showing that its economy is now larger than the US’ on a purchasing power parity basis. However, another key reason Beijing is pushing this is its commitment to inclusive growth.

China wants to help usher in a new era of more sustainable and fairer global development. Through reform of the multilateral system, including the UN, and by refocusing the attention and resources of the global community on the sustainable development agenda, Beijing believes BRICS can support a sustained, equitable recovery from the pandemic.

This topic of inclusive growth is especially pertinent given that the world is facing what could be a pivotal moment. Remarkable World Bank research indicates that, for the first time in some two centuries, overall global income inequality — one of the measures of economic inequality — appears to be declining.

The BRICS nations have been the key drivers of this historic movement toward greater overall global income equality. The collective economic growth and very large populations of India and China, in particular, have lifted a massive amount of people out of poverty.

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