Pak-UK Ties


The bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom have become enthusiastic with historical and cultural ties, which are getting stronger day by day. The United Kingdom (UK) is Pakistan’s third largest global trade partner, with Pakistan’s exports reaching $2.1billion at the end of last fiscal year. Around 6 million Pakistani expatriates living in UK are major source of strengthening relationship between the people of both the countries. Pakistanis living in UK are playing vital role in the economic, trade, diplomatic and social activities of the two countries. Around 100,000 British citizens are living in Pakistan, who belonged to different sector including trade. The United Kingdom always extend full cooperation to Pakistan in education and other fields with regard to youth. The High Commissioner of UK to Pakistan said that the educated and skilled youth would play their dynamic role in the economic development of Pakistan and strengthening Pakistan-UK relations. British Queen Elizabeth II, made a total of 200 trips around the world out of which she made two visits to Pakistan. The Queen and the British Royal Family attach special importance to their relations with Pakistan. The diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries spanned over 74 years in which the relations between the two countries became stronger and more fruitful with each passing year. The UK government is working on visa process, making it easier for the business community and people, which would enhance bilateral economic ties and people-to-people contacts. It is hoped that Pakistan-UK relations would be further strengthened and that Pakistan would play its major role for development and peace in the world.

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