Pak-Turkey relations


Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Pakistan were established in 1947, soon after Pakistan came into being as the then largest Muslim country on world map. Pakistan and Turkey enjoy historic cordial relations based on mutual trust and shared bonding. Pakistan has not only a strategic relationship with Turkey but also an economic one. Both countries have good potential to complement each other in many areas for which better connectivity between private sectors of both countries is needed. Turkey has always come to the rescue of Pakistan during disasters, proving all kinds of assistance to affected areas. The common Islamic tradition has formed the basis of unchanging people-to-people relations. Pakistan-Turkish relations are poised to become even stronger in the years to come. The reflection of the strong bonds between the two countries can be witnessed in different events. Renowned Pakistani writer and poet Amjad Islam Amjad received the prestigious Necip Fazil International Culture and Art Award at a ceremony in Istanbul on Saturday. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan as well as leading literary figures attended the event. The annual award ceremony was organized by leading Turkish newspaper Star in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The ceremony was organized to honor the cultural and literary heritage of Turkish poet Necip Fazil. Speaking during the ceremony, the Turkish president said Amjad Islam Amjad is one of the most important poets in modern Urdu literature and a prominent figure in Pakistan. He said Pakistan is a cherished friend of Turkey. Typically relationships are based on mutual benefit but the Turkey-Pakistan friendship is based on sincerity and solidarity. He noted that while relationships are based on mutual benefits, Turkey and Pakistan’s friendship is exemplary for the entire world as it is based on sincerity and solidarity. Erdogan went on to say that the heart-to-heart brotherly ties between the two countries would be further strengthened in the days to come. The ceremony reflects the love, affection and respect among the Turkish people and its leadership for Pakistan and its people.

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