Pak-Russia Ties


To expand bilateral ties, Prime Minister Imran Khan during his telephonic conversation with the Russian President discussed regional issues which are a positive development. Russia is increasing diplomatic efforts to revive ties with Pakistan through a $2.5 billion natural gas pipeline that will improve economic ties between the two countries. The 1,100-km pipeline will almost double Pakistan’s current capacity to transport 1.2 billion cubic feet of imported natural gas per day from liquid natural gas terminals in the southern port of Karachi to Punjab in the north. The Prime Minister appreciated the statement of the Russian President regarding Islamophobia. Russia has evolved as a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural state and Russians are used to respecting each other’s traditions. The foundation of Russia-Pakistan convergence lies in mutual thinking regarding Afghanistan. Moscow and Islamabad agree that a negotiated peace process is the only viable option for the future stability of Afghanistan. In the past, Pakistan and Russia observed ups and downs in their bilateral ties. But due to global and regional changes and Russian concerns regarding the deepening of US-India relations, Moscow has developed a new interest in engaging Islamabad. Both countries are trying to move forward past lingering mistrust. Russia also acknowledges that the Kashmir issue is the main bone of contention between Pakistan and India and it must be resolved through dialogue. The stronger relationship between China and Pakistan has played a key role in Asia’s geopolitics. However, broader regional developments over the last few months also raise the possibility of a new coalition involving Pakistan, China, and Russia. During their telephonic conversation, Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Russian President developed a good understanding of each other.

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