Pak-China Business Investment Forum


Pledging to promote sustainable investment, and export industry, development of modern technology in Pakistan Prime Minster Imran khan recently launched Pak-China Business Investment Forum in collaboration with Pakistan Board of Investment (BOI) and All Pakistan Chinese Enterprises Association with the objectives to promote investment by the Chinese companies in Pakistan and enhance business to business industrial cooperation. The forum already incorporates 18 Chinese companies and 19 Pakistani counterparts with special focus on urban planning, long-term sustainable investment and the transfer of modern technology and business methodologies respectively. Establishment of such consortiums is a good strategy moving forward, especially considering the dire need to enhance economic growth within the country. In addition, there is no better country than China to help Pakistan with such a process given how successful it has been in maintaining the delicate balance between urban development and environmental preservation, retaining investments and turning them into successful corporate models as well as becoming one of the largest exporters in the world. Statistically, Despite COVID-19 pandemic, the bilateral trade between Pakistan and China reached to 25 billion dollars value during the fiscal year 2021. Pakistan’s exports to China also cross 3.54 billion dollars, which is unprecedented.  Under CPEC umbrella, strengthening China-Pakistan cooperation in technical training and cooperation in the construction and management of transport infrastructure, to continuously provide talents for the development of the CPEC and promote the sustainable development of transportation industry. China and Pakistan should boost information connectivity and promote pragmatic cooperation through construction and operation of local communication networks; besides strengthening information and communication industries in both countries and synchronous construction of information, road and railway infrastructure.

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