Pak-China 70th anniversary of Bonhomie


Sino-Pak Bonhomie takes another stride as both states celebrate their 70th anniversary of an enduring partnership. Emboldened by the shared values and positive-sum gains, Pakistan and China bilateral ties have become a hallmark of cordiality and unconditional alliance in the geopolitical Spectrum of the world. Over the years Beijing and Islamabad able to establish multidimensional social, economic, political, security, and defense ties. Furthermore, both countries have been showing unconditional support to each other on all global platforms. Despite numerous constraints, the policymakers gave each other preferential treatment, and as result today both countries dwelling on a strong bond of brotherhood, rarely existing in the geopolitical paradigm. Under the umbrella of BRI, the CPEC project linchpins a resounding triumph in the domain of geo-economic partnership. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan and China hold a historic track record of assistance during the crisis mitigation and also the fulfillment of diplomatic, strategic exigencies at large. Economically, China is the largest trading partner of Pakistan, and the CPEC project has further extended its sphere of economic collaboration.

Apart from their bilateral partnerships, both states are determined to play a leading role in regional and global peace initiatives. There is no doubt that China-Pakistan cooperation, and Intent of the spirit of mutual support, openness, equality, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation, making an important contribution to promoting direct exchanges of the two peoples and economic and social development of both states. The converging bilateral ties and collective efforts for regional peace will boost the expansion of BRI that will eventually further consolidate the relations between the Iron brothers.


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