‘Pak Afghan Youth Peace Dialogue 2022’ held under UGRAD Pakistan initiative


A three-day webinar series “Pak Afghan Youth Peace Dialogue 2022” was held from 11-13th January through Community Development Initiative under the Global UGRAD Pakistan funded by the US Department of State. The online webinar brought young scholars from Afghanistan and Pakistan to discuss three themes i.e Women in Conflict Zones, Trade for Peace (between two countries), and Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan and its repercussions on the region. The experts sensitized the participants on the impending situation in Afghanistan and the participants asked various questions from the experts related to the themes. The online webinar series discussed the conflict in an academic manner and suggested a way forward on how to mitigate the situation through creative strategies. The webinar was an effort to bring the discourse with relevant stakeholders affected by it and participants of Afghanistan and Pakistan were given an opportunity to suggest measures.

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