Pak-Afghan Border Fencing indispensable for Peace


The civil-military leadership and civil society of Pakistan have been unequivocal about the need for completing border fencing with Afghanistan to prevent cross-border terrorism, illegal trade, the influx of refugees, and human trafficking, to name just a few. Fencing the porous 2600 km long border in such challenging terrain is a real achievement of Pakistani soldiers who have given immense sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. It would not be unreasonable to call the Pak-Afghan border the border for peace as it has a great promise to ensure the security of the two brotherly countries. Both countries in the past incurred heavy losses due to foreign exploitation of the porous border. Thus, fencing will prevent this and help curb illegal and unaccounted for trade enabling the two countries to generate much-needed revenue and savings from bilateral and legal trade methods.


Unfortunately, Afghan concerns and statements on a recent localized incident on the border were misinterpreted and played out of proportion by vested interests and miscreants. India had exhausted all options to bleed Pakistan by exploiting Afghan soil and the porous border when Pakistan sacrificed against terrorism. In a rebuff to all such miscreants and hostile forces seeking to create a wedge between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban spokesman recently underscored the value of resolving any bilateral issues and challenges through diplomatic channels. It reflects the importance Afghan Taliban attaches to having mutually beneficial ties with Pakistan and speaks volumes of their trust in the diplomatic process.

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