PAF marks creation of ‘No 28 MR Squadron’ equipped with JF-17s


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Monday marked the creation of the Number 28 Multirole Squadron, equipped with the latest JF-17 Thunder fighter jets, to make the country’s defense stronger. The PAF, in a series of tweets posted on its official Twitter handle, said, “Today marks the date when elite ‘No 28 Multirole Squadron’ of Pakistan Air Force, equipped with Pakistan’s Pride JF-17 Thunder, was raised at PAF Base Samungli. The squadron was raised on 28 Feb 2018 to strengthen Pakistan’s security along its western borders.” It further said the Number 28 Squadron was named “Phoenix”, which symbolized “Rebirth” as well as “Fire and Passion”. The motto of PAF No 28 Squadron is “Khudi Ko Jis Nay Falak Say Buland Ter Dekha”, based on Iqbal’s concept of self-reliance and integrity that is far higher than the skies. The JF-17 fighter jets were equipped with modern avionics and armed with lethal weapons, including long-range BVRs (Beyond Visual Range missiles) capable of taking down enemy aircraft and drones from a stand-off distance, it added. Furthermore, the PAF said, the JF-17 Thunder from the newly raised No. 28 Squadron “Phoenix” also had the honor to participate in the Anatolian Eagle 2019, a Turkish-led multi-national exercise. “PAF commends the air and ground crew of 28 Multirole Squadron, that is highly motivated and professional in all the operational and non-operational matters and perform all its roles with honour and utmost safety,” it concluded.

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