PAECO Summit


Vowing strong regional cooperation, Pakistan holds two days long General Conference of the Parliamentary Assembly of ECO in Islamabad. During the deliberations, Economic Cooperation Organization countries have emphasized enhancing cooperation in all forms of tourism for sustainable development and poverty alleviation.  The member states agree to pool their resources to build the capacity of local communities through the education and training of their population, especially in livelihoods connected to tourism. It also stressed the need for promoting religious, cultural, and health tourism through enhanced connectivity and the development of infrastructure and institutions in the tourist industry of all member states. All member states also reiterated the importance of sustainable eco-tourism, which is both a powerful source of perpetual poverty alleviation as well as environmental conservation for coming generations. The statement said the elimination of terrorism is a key to ensuring security in our region which is vital to attract and develop our tourist industries. Delegates from the ECO countries have hailed Pakistan’s efforts to improve regional connectivity and strengthen multilateral relations among the member states.  However, the ECO should work together as a bloc to promote the promising sector of tourism which can fuel our growth in the post-COVID-19 context. in addition, the ECO countries can share their experiences and pool the resources to capitalize on the opportunities that exist for the promotion of this sector in the region. Another area of focus should be to facilitate the private sector through supportive legislation and removing numerous barriers in intra-regional trade and investments. Pakistan is strongly committed to ECO for the promotion of effective regional cooperation, with a focus on communications, trade, culture, and connectivity.


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