Overseas Pakistanis Convention


To pay tribute to the unsung heroes, a three-day convention for overseas Pakistanis started in Islamabad to recognize the services of expatriate Pakistanis for the country and pay rich tribute to the Prime Minister Imran Khan for utmost facilities to the overseas Pakistanis across the world.  Overseas Pakistanis from 25 countries have arrived in Islamabad to attend the convention. Besides the office-bearers and activists of the PTI living in foreign countries, special guests and delegates would also be invited from the United States, Europe and Central Asian Republics for participation in the “historic gathering”. He said the convention would be the biggest and historic event. Patient to mention hat Prime Minister Imran Khan, has fulfilled the promise of giving right to vote to nine million overseas Pakistanis who are around the globe working diligently in coherence with national interest of the country. The Roshan Digital Account and ‘Sohni Dharti Remittance Program’ initiated by the government immensely benefiting the Overseas Pakistanis, Similarly, the Federal Board of Revenue, too, has created numerous privileges for overseas Pakistanis.  Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of welfare of overseas Pakistanis, several positive initiatives been introduced in respect of consular services. The Pakistan’s missions abroad have been providing multiple consular services to overseas Pakistanis, including machine readable passports, renewal of national identity cards, visa services, and verification of nationality and issuance of emergency travel documents. Indeed the current government has taken concrete measures to ensure and mainstream the efforts of overseas Pakistani. Such events to robust the confidence and it will further uplift the national image of Pakistan across the world.

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