Ouyang Nana got Cyber-bullied by her ex-BFF


Filmmaker Chen Kaige’s son, Aurthur Chen, may only be 19, but he’s already a hit with the ladies. He is rumoured to be dating 19-year-old Taiwanese actress Ouyang Nana, but that reportedly didn’t stop her ex-BFF, Chinese heiress Qi Meihe from setting her sights on him too.
Meihe, whose father is the CEO of a major luxury car distributor in China, has been described by the Chinese press as someone who has been “treated like a princess her whole life”, and that she will do anything to get what she wants.
According to reports, when the two girls were still on good terms, Meiqi had asked Nana to introduce her to Arthur as the two of them had starred in the 2017 Chinese coming-of-age romance movie, Secret Fruit, together.
However, despite Nana’s best efforts, Aurthur showed no interest in Meihe. Fans noticed that even though he followed her on Instagram, he didn’t like any of her posts. Instead, he liked all of Nana’s.
Aurthur then unfollowed Meihe, which pissed her off. She immediately deleted all her posts where she promoted his projects, but would then block and unblock him to get his attention.
By then, there were rumours that Arthur was dating Nana, and to get back at the latter, Meihe and another friend reportedly teamed up to troll the actress on Instagram.
“Can I trouble some girls to start acting normally and not be so promiscuous by hanging around your friend’s boyfriend? You promised to help but your actions say otherwise. It’s really disgusting. Do you not have any self-awareness? What did your parents teach you? If you come to China, please don’t use your baby voice to speak. It will all come back to bite you, b****!” Meihe’s friend lashed out in a post where she also added a middle finger emoji.
Though Nana didn’t respond to the accusation, she did have a comeback. Ish. She posted a collage of nine pictures on Weibo, which everyone initially thought was a #sponsored post for one of the brands she endorses. Upon closer inspection, netizens realised that one of the photos in the collage was the album cover of Taiwanese singer-songwriter Cheer Chen’s 2002 album, ‘Groupies’.

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