OIC FM Summit


As weekly long full swing preparations drawn to close, Pakistan all set to host the 48th session of OIC Foreign Ministers Conference today. Indeed it is an historic movement with massive diplomatic achievement   for a country like Pakistan to hold this mega event as it played an influential role in the OIC for decades promoting causes of Muslim Ummah. This is a demonstration of great support and cooperation of the Islamic world towards Pakistan. With very strong participation and more than forty five ministerial and other high level delegations are visiting Islamabad to attend the event. Important outstanding issues like Kashmir, Palestine will be on top of agenda of this meeting. Pertinent to mention Pakistan vows to seek strong support of OIC on right of self-determination of Kashmiris. Situation in Afghanistan especially the humanitarian needs of Afghans will also come under discussion.   On the other hand It is major setback to all those who wanted to isolate Pakistan diplomatically. As OIC is happening at a time when a war is going on in Europe and tensions are simmering between Russia, China and the US on various issues. It is an honor and privilege for all Pakistanis to host this august event. Kashmir and Islamophobia will be on top of agenda of discussion apart from terrorism, Yemen, Afghanistan and other issues. Situation of minorities in India will also be discussed during the two-day conference. The current war between Russia and Ukraine will also come under discussion and the moot might adopt a unified stance on this issue. With this prestigious event Pakistan’s remain the vertex point of Muslims cohesion and it will further uplift Pakistan’s posture across the globe.

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