NSC Meeting


National Security Committee observed the actions of TLP, which have “caused public disorder, serious economic losses to the country, besides boosting the morale of other terrorist outfits seeking to challenge the state’s writ”. The committee unanimously resolved to guard its sovereignty from all internal and external threats and to not allow TLP to challenge the writ of the state in any way. The participants decried TLP’s misuse of religion and the issue of Namoos-e-Risalat for political gains, which was misleading the common man and creating internal discord within society. TLP’s violence had ended up furthering the agenda of sectarian elements and external enemies of the state. It was pointed out that despite the overwhelming majority of the over 1.5 billion Muslims globally holding utmost love and respect for our Prophet (PBUH), no such violent agitation had taken place in any other Muslim country. The participants recalled that TLP had adopted the ploy of violent street agitation on numerous occasions since 2017 and made unrealistic demands each time, solely as a tool to gain political strength. NSC took notice that no previous government or prime minister had taken such an unequivocal, public international stance on the issue of Namoos-e-Risalat and Islamophobia.

Under the current government, Pakistan has successfully brought these issues to the fore of international diplomatic discourse in the United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and European Union, among other for a. The participants endorsed the government’s decision to negotiate with the group only within the bounds of law, without offering leniency for any crimes committed by TLP operatives. Endorsing the view of the committee, the prime minister instructed that all measures and actions necessary to enforce the law and protect the interests of the state and public shall be ensured. The prime minister stressed that no group or entity would be allowed to cause public disruption or use violence to pressure the government.

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