NSA’s Kabul visit augurs well for Afghanistan


Afghan officials received a high-level inter-ministerial delegation led by Pakistan’s National Security Advisor (NSA), Dr. Moeed Yusuf, at Kabul Airport. During the visit, the Pakistani panel will discuss mutual interests and ways to help resolve Afghanistan’s issues. It is pertinent to mention that the NSA is overseeing the Afghanistan Inter-Ministerial Coordination Cell (AICC) established to steer Pakistan’s humanitarian and economic assistance to Afghanistan aimed at addressing the plethora of challenges faced by multiple sectors while at the same time satisfying the requirements of the UN and international sanctions imposed on Afghanistan since the takeover of Kabul by the Afghan Taliban. The visit is in line with Pakistan’s unwavering commitment and continued efforts to avert the humanitarian crisis looming over Afghanistan since the hasty withdrawal of the US and the punitive sanctions freezing Afghan assets in foreign bank accounts that have worsen the economic situation in Afghanistan. Earlier in December, Pakistan had convened the extraordinary moot of the OIC to apprise the international community of Afghanistan’s problems and the need to make concerted efforts to ensure humanitarian assistance.

As per official reports, the Pakistani delegation will have multiple meetings to ascertain the development and reconstruction needs of the war-ravaged Afghanistan in various sectors.

Indeed, Pakistan and the AICC deserve praise for working diligently and sincerely to ensure that Afghanistan overcomes the complex challenges that undoubtedly required the international community’s support, especially Pakistan, which had always stood by Afghanistan in times of crisis.

Most significantly, since the National Security Advisor had recently expressed concerns that Afghan soil continues to be exploited against Pakistan by inimical forces, the visit provides the Pakistani delegation an opportunity to impress upon the Afghan authorities the need to prevent such acts of terrorism emanating from Afghanistan. In this regard, the NSA advisor should also amicably address Afghan concerns, if any, regarding the fencing of the Pak-Afghanistan border. Indeed, fencing is indispensable to curb the scourge of cross-border terror activities and illegal trade activities.

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